Bart Cyril J. Melotte

Advisor – International Business
Bart Cyril J. Melotte is a results-driven business consultant with numerous years of experience overseeing operations, projects and business service. He studied personal development and leadership and is a certified as a Leadership coaching expert. Cyril is known for being a strong leader capable improving processes, increasing productivity and rapidly resolving critical business problems.
His extensive experience directing multi-million business operations with full budget, financial, profit and loss responsibility has strengthened his expertise in business operations, marketing, construction, materials management and customer service.
In addition to his several experience in Fortune 500s, Cyril is skilled in developing strategic plan to deploy new agile processes in several industries that resulted in increased productivity while cutting cost and waste significantly.
Cyril is highly experienced in consulting for executives, board members and project managers for company expansion initiative that leads to huge revenue increases while increasing profit margins.