Aerospace and Defence

We cut across working with clients to drive innovation and growth across all aspects of the large and diverse industry sector. At BVS we help our clients to achieve strategic and operational excellence in aerospace and defence through our tailored solutions. We help to identify and exploit new opportunities, improve existing relationships, develop and process strategies to secure successful positions in highly competitive contracts, commercial bid and procurement, mergers and acquisition etc.
Our work results in speeding the decision making process, improve performance and drive growth for our clients across diverse segments of the aerospace and defence industry. The BVS team of aerospace and defence experts and IT personnel are skilled consultants to the aviation industry.
Our expertise

  • Restructure sales and marketing to drive growth
  • Procurement programs as defence commitments change
  • Structure or restructure an efficient program management system that delivers on time and on cost so as to maximize the use of existing resources 
  • Improve engineering resources to deliver right
  • Strategic infrastructure planning to aviation and airport authorities
  • Developing a high performing global industrial footprint
  • Accelerate opportunities that are stuck in the business
  • Design and execute transformation programs to improve growth and profitability level
  • Consulting defence budget audits
  • Help with ways to reduce cost of inventory and increase responsiveness
  • Improvement of the manufacturing processes to improve supplier coordination and increase plant performance      
We are committed to helping you meet mission critical goals and realizing your strategic vision even with the many challenges in aerospace and defence industry as technology advances, supply chain gets more complex and political situations shift. Helping our clients address complex business management issues in aerospace and defence is our passion.