Energy, Utilities And Mining


Energy sector of the economy cut across industries engaged in the production and sale of energy which comprises of the following:

Production and consumption of energy resources is very important to the global economy. All economic activity requires energy resources, whether to manufacture goods, provide transportation, run computers and other machines.

However, the energy sector is facing challenges of oil and gas price fluctuation and people are deviating into alternative fuel and energy source, increase in demand, rising operating costs, geopolitical risk and shortage of skilled manpower.

In order to overcome these challenges, energy companies are seeking ways to improve and expand its operations, restructuring and consolidating their companies, engage in joint agreements and secure their market share.

BVS has been providing professional services to energy sectors over the years. We have added unique value with our basic-based solutions to some major energy sector such as Midwestern Oil and Gas Plc, SunTrust Oil and Gas Company, Bono Energy, Ciequal Limited to mention few. BVS is very strong in the energy sector with well experienced professionals who carries out their work with due diligent, to provide the best solutions to any challenges that are being faced by the energy sectors through solution skills and business process transformation models.

BVS delivers optimised and automated processes to enhance the operations of the energy sectors which include integration, training, brain storming and ongoing support. We are the leading audit and consulting services provider in Africa and beyond. Our mission is to maximize the wealth and value of the energy sectors through our blended skilled and experienced professionals, our industry knowledge and continuous and best management practices.

Industry Challenges
We provide professional solutions to the challenges that are being faced by the energy sectors, including:

  • Environmental risk
  • Geopolitical risk
  • Process risk
  • Investment risk
  • Growth
  • Social responsibilities
  • Financial risk
  • Regulatory change
  • Management risk
  • Reporting and compliance risk
  • Technology
Our practice professionals have carried out many assignments in the energy sector. We understand the industry context, which are strategies, structure and culture and these has enables us to increase the value of our clients which in turns help them to achieve a competitive advantage in the energy sector.