Energy/Oil & Gas

Overview: Over the years, we have garnered robust industry experience in the Energy/Oil and Gas industry. This engagement spans our consulting services in Tax, Audit, and Advisory, Financial Reporting, Human Capital, Assurance and Technology.

Our Approach/Specific services: We have leveraged on our core understanding of the Oil and Gas business environment in Nigeria in our services to our clients. Some upstream Oil and gas companies that have engaged us include Mart Energy, NRG Drilling, Addax, Statoil, Conoco, Atlantic energy, Midwestern and SunTrust Oil. We have also carved a niche for ourselves in supporting Indigenous upstream oil and gas companies operating marginal field. We aim at supporting such firms in transforming into IOCs by the quality, depth and professional finesse of our services. We have also worked for a few companies in the downstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry.

Advisory: One pivotal service we render in achieving this is the Business Process Re-engineering Project handled by our Advisory team. Our experienced professionals help in tailoring the business processes in the oil and gas environment to leading best practices using automation and computer-aided tools that describe and simulate these processes from start to finish. This has helped a good number of our clients in the oil and gas business environment to optimise their process efficiency and significantly minimum the effect of inconsistent business process operating model on operational efficiency.

Audit Assurance & Financial Reporting: We also bring our professionalism to light in the audit and assurance services to our clients in the Oil & Gas industries by meeting expectations of timeliness, credibility, clarity, fairness, objectivity and transparency of financial reporting. Since inception in 2011, we have continued to set a landmark in how we deliver assurance services to our clients in the oil and gas business especially by leveraging thorough grasp of the International Financial Reporting Standards in preparing IFRS complaint financial statements. We also prepare financial reports complaint with the Statements of Accounting Standard and in concordance with requisite audit regulatory bodies.

Tax Assurance: With perfect understanding of the complexities involved in tax issues in Nigeria, our tax assurance arm have also levelled up in offering professional tax returns filing, tax computation services etc. for some of our Oil & Gas clients. We help cut through the complexity of tax issues our client face with a dedicated and reassuring approach that help our clients focus better on issues that have direct bearing on business growth and development.  

Technology: Amongst other services, our fast developing technology arm has also been deployed in the implementation and quality assurance of functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications such as SAP and SAGE for a good number of our clients.

Human Capital: Our human capital consulting services to Oil & Gas clients is fast gaining momentum in interfacing with the HR departments of our clients in offering human capital management services such as human capital capacity development, performance management, oil and gas industry professional training such as HSE, Petroleum Accounting etc. In the past, we have offered services such as Compensation and Benefits Structure design and implementation for Mart Energy. We have also offered our professional services in conducting structured research on compensation plans for a number of other similar clients.