Engineering & Construction

We specialize in providing tailored advisory, assurance and tax services to contractors, house builders, building products companies, professional and support services companies, as well as private and public sector companies.

Additionally, our professionals are actively involved in the industry, conducting structured research and industry analysis while contributing immensely to the development of the industry.

We deliver strategic engagements that are aimed to reposition our clients in the industry for better performance that is geared towards industry leadership. These engagements focused on operational assessment and improvement, strategic planning, and IT implementation, and resulted in significant improvement in his clients’ profitability

We support our clients to build governance models that ensures a right balance cohesion with entrepreneurship and at the same time, maximize synergies and account for portfolio risk

To deliver complex projects to time and budget, BVS apply value-driven end-to-end project management, design-to-value, best-practice procurement, and lean construction principles

BVS can help you drive sustainable growth, increase project profitability, manage risk, and more. Leveraging our critical service delivery skills and experience, we;

  • Analyze schedules, resources, progresses, and earned value with integrated project systems
  • Manage mid-project variations with a single view into operational and financial perspectives
  • Maximize labour productivity
  • Improve equipment utilization and profitability
  • Manage project change orders – from initiation to approval – with automated workflows
  • Provide complete visibility into individual projects and across multiple jobs