Financial Services


The financial services sector is becoming more competitive now than ever before. In recent times, customers are well-informed, causing the competition to be tighter.

Our professional team of experts helps financial services firms to perform optimally in terms of achieving all round sustainable improvement in service delivery. We think globally, and our thinking covers a broad range of banking and insurance sectors, wealth management and securities distribution. We adopt the simple approach of supporting our clients in a customized manner and collaborate with them in order to bring about the most cost effective, creative and strategically sound long-term solutions to meeting their needs.

What we do

The players in the financial services sector are expected to use more beneficial business models to subdue both the past and current challenges. BVS Professional Services employ outstanding industry experiences to proffer solutions for financial services firms in every location so as to discover innovative means of cost reduction, risk management, IT alignment, process optimization, attracting the economic gains of developing customer loyalty, and designing a more regulatory and highly competitive environment.
BVS has great financial services expertise; however our perspective is beyond the industry and we rely on our competence. The needs of our financial services clients inform how we creatively solve their problems or strategically pursue business opportunities in many areas.

The simple approach we adopt to working with our clients is developed in the following areas of expertise:

Growth Strategy

Our core business is to develop growth strategy for our clients. We make sure that our clients grow in terms of revenue, shareholder value and cash flow so as to lead to a more sustainable and profitable performance. We also support our work with extensive research and analysis.

Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Leadership

BVS focus on improving the financial performance of clients and also ensure that the firms are the appropriate places to work. It helps in designing and restructuring the organization system in order to deliver in line with the set objectives. BVS helps clients to address clients’ performance obstacles and decision making challenges. We help to stimulate high-performance culture by creating an enabling environment with an unparalleled personality and a passion for performance which is the core of competitive advantage over our competitors. By doing this, we help our clients to experience improvement in terms of services, sales, execution, including developing a broader range of customers’ trust and respect.

Operational Excellence

In order to help our clients in simplifying the complexities of their work, we employ globally recognized operational principles from different industries and tailor it to the operations of our clients. We also give support in the areas of cost reduction, increment in sales effectiveness and restructurings (that is, process re-design). We offer service operations that are client-oriented ensuring that both quality and cost objectives are appropriately balanced. We help our clients by ensuring timely and consistent service delivery in order to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee satisfaction and improved service quality.

Information Technology

Ordinarily, information technology (IT) is expected to lead to business improvement. BVS ensure that IT does that to its clients. We strategically focus on IT related problems taking cognizance of our clients’ business needs. Our goal is to provide autonomous and objective view in order to help our clients to achieve optimally utilize their IT resources, investments and assets. We solve our clients’ IT related problems by employing global experience across industries and technologies.

Risk Management

In order to effectively manage our clients’ risk, we work with them so as have a clear understanding of the risk involved in their businesses and help them reduce the risk in operations, technology and cyber security. We have expertise in areas such as enterprise risk management and risk culture, credit risk, market and trading risk, and risk and regulation.