Financial advisory Services

Introduction: Definition of 'Financial Advisor' one who provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. Financial advisors can provide many different services, such as investment management, income tax preparation and estate planning.
 Financial advisory deals with the financial aspect of an organization. Financial decisions are largely dependable on outcome of some analysis. e.g. SWOT analysis, Cashflow analysis. They are also economic services provided by finance industry e.g. Banks, Investment funds, Credit union, Insurance company, Stock brokers, Government (Central bank) and so on.
Companies often find it difficult to control funds, especially in a high or low liquid condition. Expert will say spending money is more difficult than making the money. So many companies are a victim of this clause.
JM Kaynes, a renowned macro economist mentioned that the three major purposes for holding cash are transaction, Precaution and Speculation. Most companies are in the dilemma of holding so much cash which should have been invested in either a fixed deposit or other source pending the decision to reinvest the said fund.
Our services: Our potentials in delivering this service line is dependable on our acquired skills and experience in factors that influences finance. We understudy market price, interest rate, GDP per capital and the public purchasing power in determining the channel to invest fund.
We also ensure a good cash flow system, which involves helping you to negotiate for fund and making it available whenever there is need to tap into opportunities.
With the use of SWOT analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Ratio analysis we can ensure a healthy finance system in your organization and a mitigation of setback.