Advanced Performance and Strategic Management


Advance strategic performance and strategic management builds on the prior knowledge of strategic decision making and is intended to complement general strategy text by providing an umbrella view of the multi-dimensional nature of strategic management. Advance performance and strategic management helps to supplement and apply knowledge gained in strategic management.

Program objectives

  • Advanced performance and strategic Management will challenge your Intellect, advance your managerial skills and boost your career prospects
  • Understanding of corporate objectives and performance Management to asses’ challenges and recognized bottlenecks preventing enhanced performance and strategic performance.
  • Equip you with the knowledge and skills to make an immediate contribution to organization
  • Able to monitor and sustain performance into achievable outcome.
Who should attend?
  • Those who are looking to sharpen their analytical skills and strategic  leadership effectiveness
  • Team Leaders/Supervisors taking on additional strategic leadership responsibilities
  • Team Leaders/Managers taking on a more senior and strategic role in their organization
  • Department Heads/Managers working in a culture seeking innovative approaches to business development
  • Middle/Senior Managers wanting to refresh their thinking and gain confidence in the use of strategic management tools