Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM)   refers to the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behaviour, attitudes, and performance. The figure below emphasizes that we have several important HRM practices.
Our Human Resource Management Practices

Strategic HRM             

Our Services as HR Internal Consulting Organization
BVS Professional services is one of the strong advocate of HRM effective practices, for HR to address its most compelling challenges, the one common hurdle is that HR must first ensure that the transactional and legally mandated parts of the HR job are managed in some way, then the “big leap” opportunity is to develop the strategy, structure and skills to evolve into an effective internal consulting organization that addresses talent and strategic, change-oriented issues. The good news is that these are learnable skills; BVS Professional Services is an established body of knowledge and experience regarding external consulting effectiveness that can be applied to the development of the HR professional, and many other professional services, as there are adequate managerial skills needed to help us serve our clients better.

Our Credibility: To be a strong internal consultant, business partner, or change agent, we lay emphasis on personal credibility. Research shows that personal credibility accounts for close to one quarter of HR’s impact on business performance (Ulrich & Brockbank, 2005).

  • Effective interpersonal relationships and skills (emotional intelligence);
  •  Understanding the issues and delivering the results;
  •  Great communication skills: up, down, across, inside, and outside; and
  •  Reputations for meeting commitments (say what you mean and do what you say).
Our Styles
  • Creating solutions that work;
  • educating clients on what is possible; and
  • Operating successfully in an ever-changing environment.
Both general internal consulting skills and specific technical knowledge are needed for effectiveness. Six content areas in which we empower our HR to make impact on organizational success include:
  • HR Strategy Aligned to Business Strategy; Talent: Right Seat on the Bus;
  • Organizational Capability:
  •  Delivering Business Results;
  •  Organizational Culture: Mirroring the Customer’s Value Proposition;
  •  Renewal: Growth and Development;
  •  Innovation: Creative, Continuous Improvement.
 All of these and more are our internal consulting skills with which we maximize the success of our HR professionalism.