Personal Efficiency

Working with Entrepreneurial Mindset

What is a mindset?
A habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how one will interpret and respond to situations

Who is an Entrepreneur?
Many believe that an entrepreneur is someone who owns a business. Fine this is true, but are all business owners entrepreneur? The entrepreneur is a visionary, resourceful, creative, resilient, tenacious, perseverant individual who will not be put off by external and internal discouragements. He is always ready to learn new skills, he carries team members and subordinates along so that even in his absence, the business moves on.

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?
Entrepreneurial mindset is all about lifestyle and not about business ownership. The entrepreneur views life from a different perspective, does not like doing things same way over and over, always thinks of improvement and bases his decisions on his views. Working with all these in mind regardless of whether you own a business, you are a manager in a firm, an entry level employee, a student and so on, means you take everything you do as a business, and not just ordinary business, but your own business.

Whatever you choose to do or wherever you find yourself, the only vehicle that can transport you to the peak of your endeavours is this mindset. Living with entrepreneurial mindset also gives you the reasons either consciously or unconsciously to acquire the following sets of skills and abilities which are found in champions;

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