Business Investment Portfolio Planning

The sudden outburst of interest in the world capital markets has led to the introduction of demand for new financial products and a comprehensive understanding of current financial instruments, which include equities or bonds.

BVS business investment portfolio planning modules are designed to plan, scope, analyze, and apply funds to business aligned investment initiatives. The aims of the modules are:

  • To develop in all the clients the analytical methods for the valuation and the management of financial instruments
  • To provide the clients with a more practical and disciplined approach in the development and management of portfolios
  • To introduce our clients to the practical operations of the financial markets
  • To train our clients on how to use capacity planning
  • To train our clients on how to evaluate investments in view of budgets, business drivers/cases and alignment with corporate objectives.
  • To train our clients on how to create ideas and projects
  • To train our clients on how to create a portfolio and portfolio inventory
Our training will be of significant value to all participants because we will focus on how to embark on prudent investment and minimizing the possibility of financial crises. It will also provide the essential tools, knowledge and understanding that are relevant to international financial markets. The contents of the training modules include:
  • Introduction
  • Assets and capital markets
  • Portfolio choice
  • Capital asset pricing model
  • The efficient frontier
  • Choice with risk
  • Single index model
  • Bond analysis
  • Options
  • Portfolio risk and return
  • Return and risk
  • Modelling returns
  • Testing the Theory
  • Corporate investment decisions
  • CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
  • Applications of investment theory
  • Individual portfolio construction
  • Measurement of risk
In terms of portfolio planning with pellucidity the training module will be divided into six parts:
Module 1- [T1] The Purpose of Portfolio Planning in Business Processes and Methodology
  • Business challenges and goals that are met by the portfolio planning discipline
  • Prioritization
  • Process and consideration of portfolio planning
  • Business strategy and portfolio planning
  • Decision making concepts
Module 2 – Methodology of Portfolio Planning
  • Definition of a Portfolio
  • Contents of Portfolios
  • Organization of Portfolios
  • Measurement/Prioritization of Best Practices
Module 3 – Working with Ideas
  • General summary of Idea Features
  • Idea Creation
  • Idea Update
  • Idea Approval
  • Idea Conversion to a Project
Module 4 – Portfolio Creation and Planning
  • Portfolios Creation
  • Project Addition, Update and Removal
  • Project Removal
  • Portfolio Roles Addition
  • Department Portfolios
  • Portfolios Grouping
Module 5 – Portfolio Valuation and Analysis
  • Portfolio Planning Records
  • Analysis of Portfolio Planning
Module 6 – Case Study

  • Understanding Case Studies
  • Building Case Studies
  • Working with Portfolio Case Studies