Turn around management

The current economic climate possesses a threat to organizations and these threats if left unattended to can lead to a deterioration of the services rendered to its customers, which will invariably affect the bottom-line of an organization.

At BVS, we pride ourselves in having key resources which can assist organizations in various industries in mitigating these risks by developing new workflows and processes with in-built flexibility that assists organizations adapt to changes as they occur on a real time basis.

Our dedicated BPR team leverages a tried and tested methodology, which has been applied across several industries in the Nigerian economy during engagements revolving around business process re-engineering.

Our methodology consists of six layers. These layers/levels are instrumental to BVS in   achieving success in all its BPR related engagements.

Our methodology can be termed as BRM (BVS Re-engineering Methodology)

  • Develop vision and objectives
  • Understand existing processes
  • Identify process for re-design
  • Implement the new processes
  • Evaluate the new process
  • Ongoing continuous improvement
At BVS we consistently apply Lean and Six Sigma principles across all processes that are undergoing restructuring to reduce waste and increase quality respectively